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Key Holding

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Need to have your premises looked after, accessing your site when you are not around to deal with any security issues? Then this mobile service will go further for you, looking after your location remotely. Should anything happen or access requores then our guards will attend to make sure your interests are protected.

  • Responding quickly
  • Key holding for securing access
  • Ideal whilst you are abroad
  • For secure protection of your premises whilst you are away, choose our mobile patrols to handle all of your needs. Peach of mind for your property and offices.

About Us

People are our priority, not only our staff, but also yours. By selecting people who care for the total satisfaction of our clients we know we get a better level of security. In this way we can provide a highly tailored response to your needs, in both level of security, response times, and the attention paid to improvements
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Company REG. No: 09855897

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